Three Dimensional Zoetrope

Zoetropes are the precursors to modern animation, using a fast spinning circular disk to simulate movement. Sebastian Burdon and Mat Collinshaw make an extraordinary zoetrope of Rubens’ Slaughter of the Illness, giving it far more raw power to our 21st century eyes. Here is more about the piece on Make.
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The Sketchbook Project

Here is a reason to go to the Brooklyn Art Library— to see part of the largest exhibit of sketchbooks in the world. If you can’t make it there, you can look at their digital archive or buy their new book and other swag. Check out this website of Katarina Thorsen’s sketchbook (pic is above)
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Maine reelects terrible governor, Paul LePage

And you know what? It's Eliot Cutler, the independent spoiler, ruining it for everyone. Btw, I've written some about LePage, here and here. And a story about Mike Michaud over here. With all of this, I admit, the one endearing thing is Michaud beat LePage it two counties—one being my home, Aroostook. You magnificent… »11/05/14 2:29pm11/05/14 2:29pm

Duggar Recap: Jill's Wedding (COMPLETE!)

So, I’m going to confess that I am distinctly out of order with my Duggaring. I have Jill Says Yes to the Dress, Duggar To Dos, Duggar Girls Go Glam, Duggar Derby (shudder), Jessa’s engagement (double shudder) and finally “Dishing with the Duggar” (where they all admit that they don’t like tater tot casseroles that… »11/04/14 11:26pm11/04/14 11:26pm

Blogging the Duggar Wedding

I’ve been very bad. Very very bad. Well, not bad but just doing other things than Duggaring.I’m gonna watch this Duggar wedding tonight and do the liveblog. I haven’t been reporting, including the report that Jessa did not even kiss dumb old Ben, because as we know, his romantic overtures have never been welcome. And… »11/04/14 9:25pm11/04/14 9:25pm

Duggar Recap: Duggar Dirty Jobs and Duggars Decorate and Diet

Ok, so I’m like a week behind. So I’m putting last weeks all in one post and before the weekend, when I’m superbusy, I will recap— “Jill says Yes to the Dress.” Spoiler alert: She shows elbow. ELBOW. And Derick is so excited and the subsequent hand-holding is so intense, that he sprains a finger. Michelle laughs and… »9/24/14 2:34pm9/24/14 2:34pm

Duggar Recap: Duggar-Sized Wedding Plans

Sorry! I’m a bit behind. This is the 2nd episode that played last week (9/9/14). Then I will catch up on this week’s episode. PROMISE. I mean, there is just so much Duggaring. And redundancy. They aren’t even working to fit in any reasonable side-plots. Just all about courtships and engagement and shit. Poor Jordyn.… »9/18/14 11:00am9/18/14 11:00am

Duggar Recap: Duggar Daughter Dates

So here is the first of two long delayed Duggar recaps! The second will come tomorrow. I’ve been working and writing like mad! But I wanted to provide you all with at least one of the recaps like I promised. I like to call this the Agony and the Ecstasy. Ben vs. Derick. Reluctant side hugs and smirks vs. passionate… »9/12/14 4:53pm9/12/14 4:53pm

Duggars and Mothers: Duggar Recap

Hello guys! Welcome to the second half of the season of the Duggars (or their formal name: 19 Kids and Counting) ! As we concluded last May, Jill and her front hugging boyfriend Derick were engaged, Jessa continues to have nothing but contempt for her now-fiance Ben Seewald, Michelle Duggar practices parenting her… »9/04/14 11:29pm9/04/14 11:29pm

Look Homeward Snarky Angel: What should Jessa Duggar do?

From every rolled eye to every smirky look, we all know your wishes, Jessa. We see you laugh awkwardly and say things like “I’m just practical” when dull Ben lurches towards you with his flabby attempts at romance. We remember. So let’s ask ourselves, what are your options. I offer a few: »8/16/14 12:22am8/16/14 12:22am

Duggar Roundup: Jill Glows and Rumors around Jessa's Engagement

You know they have the relaxed look of a couple whose finally able to do front hugs, though the matching shirts may be a little too Jim Bob for my taste. Everyone in the back is smiling and thinking, “If we try hard enough, maybe they’ll reconsider the United States of Bates?” »8/07/14 2:00pm8/07/14 2:00pm