Backtalk Note

I put up the review over at groupthink, though I think it is shareable to other spaces, if you'd like. If you ever want something featured prominently on a review or on our twitter page, please let us know on the tweeters or in a comment. You can certainly email me at anytime. Thanks… » 7/28/14 11:58pm Yesterday 11:58pm

Rememberences of Gaming Days Past

Unlike some of you jerks, I've played video games for years and as you know, I'm a long time fan girl of Final Fantasy, which means I'm used to being hurt by jerks. But there is like a special feeling I get when I listen to the music and play the game and ride the chocobo. So what is your favorite gaming song that… » 7/28/14 10:45pm Yesterday 10:45pm

America's First Female Film Mogul:Mary Pickford

People used to always think that Gloria Swanson was the real life inspiration for her character on Sunset Boulevard because she embodied the character so completely. However, what is far more likely is Mary Pickford. But it's important to remember that Norma Desmond did not describe her completely in the way that… » 7/28/14 9:48am Yesterday 9:48am

What is your favorite coffee shop? And your favorite drink there?

I was reading this article about coffee shops "to go to before you die" and was wondering about your favorites. My current is the Gryphon Cafe in Wayne, PA, where I will often go to study. It has fabulous coffee. They roast their own beans and all that other shit you are supposed to love about coffee. I like this type… » 7/25/14 10:22am Friday 10:22am

Backdrinking? Drinking Back? And an allusion to Talullah Bankhead

Someday I'll tell you my Grandma's Talullah Bankhead story. Our greatest pride is that we have a Talullah Bankhead story. It's not that exciting but it involved Talullah Bankhead and that's exciting enough. Backdrink sounds like a really bad title, like Backwash. We'll call it backwash. I'm drinking this Cherry Wine,… » 7/24/14 11:58pm Thursday 11:58pm