Which states have the worst thanksgiving?

Well, then, I'm off to Maine! But I'll have the best Thanksgiving in the most miserable state. Look at this Thanksgiving Misery Index. Binge Drinking. Well, that's Maine. Salmonella! A leader! Enthusiasm for black friday sale and abandoning a meal? Pretty high, except they forget to mention that you can't open a big… » 11/25/14 4:17pm Yesterday 4:17pm

PMS Talk: This might be too TMI but well...

Every month, I get anxious and eat and bloat and freak out and can't concentrate and then am like "OMG, I am pmsing" when I get my period. Like I just ate a bunch of cake after smelling cake for days—like some weird olfactory hallucination, I ate some rotisserie chicken (which was DELICIOUS) and just sort of like felt… » 11/23/14 8:51pm Sunday 8:51pm

YAR, I eat from the Briny Deeps

For my fellow Italian Americans, you can do that whole thing with the seven fishes and shit that I know that you like so much and use these festive dishes! (I grew up not knowing my Italian side of the family, which is a whole other issue here but I like Italian-American traditions because like you know, getting in… » 11/23/14 4:43pm Sunday 4:43pm

Dragon Age (and other gaming fun) Check in

Ok, guys, I got up to Val Royeaux last night and then logged. I've been trying to be semiproductive so i haven't played as much as I want but I wanted to get out of the Hinterlands because of Kotaku's advice. I think they might be right. The early side quests are a little dull and I'm too lazy to do the mount quest.… » 11/22/14 7:09pm Saturday 7:09pm

The Bravermans are terrible parents and other truisms

So, let's talk Parenthood guys? Anyone watch Lean In? I can't believe how they keep minimizing Max's actions. He basically harasses the shit out of Dylan and his parents keep blowing smoke up his ass about how courageous he is. And then her parents, whom Kristine and Adam yell at for being neglectful and say they… » 11/22/14 5:23pm Saturday 5:23pm

Saturday Open Thread: Transformer Edition

Hey guys, this is a video by Marnie Stern, guitarist and singer who is on the Kill Rock Stars label and who I like for starting when she was older and for being just sort of a idiosyncratic musician. She's also known for her tapping guitar work. I'm a transformer. Not like a robot though. But I'm trying to to rethink… » 11/22/14 11:55am Saturday 11:55am