Halloween Infographics

The UK choices are really interesting (More here.), I think, though disturbing given that I don't like jesters. In the US, it is witches, as seen in this infograph about top ranked costumes for adults. Thought it is likely to be Frozen for children.
» 10/31/14 10:26am Yesterday 10:26am


We've been spending the day over here, talking to my friends and colleagues about all the people who have failed out of grad school or had some horrific graduate school experience. I feel like that'd be the real horror story, like "And then the lady worked for years and years on her thesis, gathering her data, until… » 10/29/14 7:30pm Wednesday 7:30pm

Midnight Movie: Fright Night

I'm going to go down as such a Fright Night Fan that I loved the original (I had such a crush on Christopher Sarandon) and the remake, mostly because of my generally considered to be misguided lust of Collin Farrell (I'm sorry Jorah. I know he has a fake accent. I'm have issues). Why does this film work? Well, it's… » 10/29/14 12:00am Wednesday 12:00am

If i ever were to get married, I'd definitely consider a destination…

Why are so many people thinking it's a bratty thing? It's not that I necessarily think that everyone can afford it but more like I'd prefer to just spend all the money on having a few people come to an excellent location. And my family is very solidly working class and know that wedding costs are so goddamned high… » 10/28/14 3:52pm Tuesday 3:52pm