An amuse-bouche of commentary
An amuse-bouche of commentary
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Ok, the big explanation! Mine was inspired by feelings that I feel and I feel like we share on GT.

  1. PJ Harvey—50 Foot Queenie: I was inspired by the feelings evoked by the songs and how they made me think of GT. One part of it is that I think there is a whole bad ass side to how we bond over there sometime. And so I wanted a song that seemed to be about power. But was also subversive, like someone was playing with their identity.
  2. The Chemical Brothers—Let Forever Be: This is actually my favorite song of all time. There are a lot of references to drug addiction but I used it more for the fact that the video connotates a real level of anxiety and to a certain extent, so does the song. So feelings.
  3. Peaches—This is for Groupsmoke and for snacking. Fucking peaches man.
  4. Peter Murphy—Cuts you Up. I wanted to talk about longing and sadness that everyone feels. Like sometimes shit just goes in deep and hits you right in the fels.
  5. Bruise Violet—That's really a go to song for me around being a pissed off chick and I love the rage in it.
  6. Pixies: UMASS— A little obvious. I think we talk about school a lot and maybe that song really does a good job about showing ambivalence about all that stuff.
  7. Morcheeba—Trigger Hippie— a favorite for years. I like it because it is like a real love song about peace and dreaminess but with a bit of an edge. Not just simple unreflective stuff.
  8. Our Lips are Sealed: I think it has to do with people wanting to feel okay in their lives and not worrying so much about what people think. You know, gossip is everywhere and I think alot of support is just to give people props who might not feel like they are getting it anywhere else.
  9. None of Your Business: I think this is almost self-explanatory. I like the rants where were are like "Fuck you for your judgmental shit" and we support each other as people being who we want to be. Also, there is some stuff in that song that really criticizes slut shaming.
  10. I feel love— Sometimes on GT we just feel love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I also adore this song.
  11. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk—We all really like food. And cigarettes. And being winsome.
  12. Bittersweet Symphony— This has a lot to do with people struggling so much and trying so hard to change and just finding it a tough road. It's like this idea that we are all struggling to take the good with the bad. Life isn't easy and I like how it captures that sentiment.
  13. Not Over You—Another one of my all times—I think Basehead captures that sense of feeling frustrated when you just try to live your life but you are still sad about being alone and wishing for someone you've lost or you don't have.
  14. Beetlebum—I know this is about Damon Albarn's wife's problems but it struck me as those times where I just couldn't get my shit together and do anything b/c of low moods. I think other people struggle with that alot too.
  15. Nina Hagen—this song was an early sly jab at Communism and I think it brings a brilliantly absurdist tint to its criticism of oppressive forces. That happens at GT too.
  16. Optimistic—Radiohead—pretty straightforward I think. We are all trying to do our best and keep going but it's hard man.
  17. Santigold—Unstoppable— Man, is it one of those moments where you feel powerful and in control and can just do anything? That's what my inspiration was.
  18. Nouvelle Vague— Friday Night, Saturday Morning- Groupdrink. Grouphangover.

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